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  • Video Poker

    This Video Poker widget is an accurate simulation of video draw poker games which can be found in casinos worldwide. Improve your game by practising for free, anytime, anywhere.

    To play, select your desired game, then choose how many credits to wager, from one to five. Press the Deal button and you will be dealt five randomly selected cards. You are allowed one "draw", of zero to five cards, on this initial five card hand. Click the cards you wish to hold, then press the Draw button to replace the others with new, randomly selected cards. If the resulting hand matches one of the hands from the payout table, you win the amount specified!

    You can also use the keyboard numbers 1 to 5, and the Enter key as shortcuts for clicking each card to hold, and pressing the Deal/Draw button respectively.

    If you run out of credits, the game is over. Reload the widget (F5) or click the Credit text to recieve another 250 credits, absolutely free! ;)

  • Strategy

    Even playing with perfect strategy, the predicted return for most video poker games ranges from 95% to just over 100%. Using an example return of 99%, this means that for every $100 played, you can expect win back $99 on average, for a $1 loss overall.

    To help you mitigate this, the Video Poker widget comes with a trainer which you can enable by clicking on the bell icon. When the trainer is enabled, a token will appear in the upper right hand corner of the cards you should be holding in order to achieve "perfect strategy". If you click the bell icon twice, the trainer will switch to Warning mode, where the tokens only appear if you have selected the incorrect cards to hold. The Warning mode is an excellent teaching tool for learning which cards to hold in order to maximize your return.

    To assist in long bouts of training, or if you just like winning a lot of credits, you can click the Win x1 text to turn it into Win x2 to double all payouts.

  • Select Game

    You can learn more about video poker — its origins, alternate game types, and payout table variations — from Wikipedia.

    Video Poker Widget v1.3 – © 2010 GreyWyvern
    Licenced under the BSD licence.
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Video Poker

Video Poker is a simulation of the same-named casino game built using javascript, and is the first new widget I've made in over two and a half years :) It works in Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome; if you are still using MSIE 6 or 7, this game just goes to show how far behind Microsoft still lags in standards support.


Play Video Poker on your desktop as a Widget using the Opera browser.

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