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Aug 17, 2004

While working on the search script, I've gotten all sorts of great ideas to improve the function of my other script with respect to search engines.

So, coming soon (before the end of the month), the Forum, Blog and Knowledgebase will all be advancing a version. The updated versions are already running on the site, but I'm going to leave them for a few days just to make sure none of the changes have caused any silent errors.

The biggest change is that a PHP variable is now available for you to assign to the <title> tag of the containing page. This means that if you click on a message in the Forum or Blog - or a question in the Knowledgebase - the title of that message or question is displayed as the HTML page title. This is a great help for search engines which lend extra importance to the title of a page.

Updates to Blog, Forum and Ringmaker Blog, Forum and Knowledgebase updated

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