Updates to Blog, Forum and Ringmaker

Aug 6, 2004

A slew of updates today!

The Blog and Forum have been updated to versions 1.1a and 4.1a respectively, with both receiving similar upgrades. At the recommendation of Herc, images can now be substituted for the +/- expand/collapse characters. You can see this new feature on the blog and Webslavent pages.

I also took the time to revamp the search results. I was never really happy with the half-done job I did on the search engine. Anyway, now the results are much better organized, listed by complete thread instead of post-by-post.

All the changes to both scripts are recorded in their respective readme.txt files.

The Ringmaker was also upgraded to version 2.0b. There aren't really any updates to the script itself, but a number of language file bugs were fixed, and two new language files were added.

Both the forum and the Ringmaker had new English text added to their english language files. If you can edit any of the other existing language files or if you're one of the original authors, I'd be grateful for another "once-over" of each file for updating and accuracy. Thanks in advance!

To everyone else, enjoy!

Orca attack in San Antonio Get set for more updates!

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