The New Opera Mascot!

Jun 9, 2004

I'm starting my own campaign for a new Opera mascot. Linux has the penguin, BSD the daemon, Mozilla has Mozilla (so cute!), IE has the butterfly (MSN), and Firefox has... well, a fox. So I'm hereby campaigning for the puffin as official Opera mascot.

The puffin is a north Atlantic seabird whose habitat ranges from Maine, Newfoundland and Labrador in North America, to Iceland, and islands off the shores of the UK and Norway, the latter of which is where Opera is produced :)

Red seems to be the official colour of Opera, with it's bright red "O" as it's icon. Appropriately, the puffin's bill is multicoloured orange and red, while the rest of the bird is black and white. A touch of blazing colour on simplicity... sounds like Opera?

As well puffin is a very smart and curious bird, and will often take the time to flap over to any disturbance it hears nearby. Intelligence and curiosity are very good traits!

I've made up a nifty image for using in the campaign in two different sizes. I know probably nothing will come of it, but hey, I can always dream ;)

Long live the Opera puffin!

Opera and the time-to-first-paint The Auto-tagger

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