Forum and Blog updates

May 22, 2004

The forum and blog are being updated with a couple new ideas given to me by a good friend and user of my scripts. If you've already downloaded and installed either the forum or the blog you notice the new changes on the scripts on my site, especially the blog.

The main change is that comments can be displayed in full beneath each blog entry. But there are many other small changes such as retooling of the post form, changes to the HTML and CSS layout, as well as improving their function when javascript is disabled.

The changes are enough to warrant a new version number for the scripts and I'll be updating them to 1.1 (blog) and 4.1 (forum) in the next few days.

So this is just a note that if you download the scripts in the next couple days, you won't get the version that's currently diplayed on my site. :)

Give me a few days and they'll be ready.

Scripts updated: Locale mod and German language New Javascript text-fader

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  • May 25, 2004 - 13:24

    # Comment by Leigh


    I've been using Orca blog (v 1.0b) on my site since May 7th, and I am really liking it. I just wanted to say thank you for making it available. It was really easy for me to set up and customize the appearance for my site, and I had not really done anything with PHP & MySQL before.

    I will be awaiting the new version with interest :)

    Thanks again!