Guys, I am telling you... Dragonland is the best band ever! Srsly!

May 16, 2008

Why haven't more people heard about this band? Dragonland is a power metal band which started out making music much like the epic (and sometimes cheesy) fantasy-related tracks of Rhapsody of Fire (formerly Rhapsody). However, Dragonland began moving away from that genre with their third album Starfall which contains a lot of great tracks. Starfall suffers a little because, with a few exceptions, most of the tracks contain a similar tempo, and the mainstay of the power metal genre - the blazing guitars - are downplayed in favour of additional synth.

However, their most recent album, Astronomy, rocks so hard! There is plenty of variety here folks, from ballad to death metal vocals; from epic "movie-soundtrack" instrumentals to straight power metal awesomeness. Who would have thought that a track titled "Supernova" would actually be about a star getting blown to smithereens? :D Friends, this album appeals not only to the power metal fan, but the astronomy nerd in us all!

Check out their site and buy their music!

I am definitely going to one of their concerts if they ever come to Canada, but they'll never do much touring unless they get the popularity they deserve. So come on, guys! Spread the word! Dragonland! :up: :yes:

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