Orca Updates and Here we go again!

Mar 29, 2004

New just today! An Italian language file for the Orca Forum! Now it comes it all of English, French and Italian flavours. I haven't changed the version number for this one though, I just added the language file to the current zip file available on the Orca Scripts page.

Oh where, oh where have I been? Busy I guess, but not as busy as I'm going to be. When I stopped playing Dark Age of Camelot, I swore I'd never play that game again. Nine months of my life were swallowed up in that game, mostly because I had a cushy delivery job that gave me a lot of time off.

Anyway, now I have a day job, so I told myself: "Maybe when you get cable, you can play again. After all, it is frustrating to endure any MMORPG over dialup.

Anyway, went out yesterday with a buddy of mine. Watched Taking Lives (a very good movie BTW!), then went out for a steak dinner (a very good steak BTW!). Sometime in between we walked around the mall to work up our appetites, and we just happened to walk into Electronics Boutique.

Well, I walked out with Horizons, a new MMORPG released last December. Now I'm wondering... Why did I buy this, and when am I going to play it?

Sigh. I might not be answering any email for the next nine months. Bear with me.

Minor facelift: Knowledgebase released! Dialup sucks

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