The Dragonstar Trilogy

Feb 7, 2004

Finally got my copy of the third book in the Dragonstar Trilogy! Yup, I ended up having to go online and find it at some rare used bookstore. I'd left this series unfinished for almost four years I think.

By David F. Bischoff and Thomas F. Monteleone, the Dragonstar books are horribly written. With sudden jerks to explicit sex scenes (like WTF!?!), no-name corporals abruptly introduced only to be killed off five pages later, and characters who are chuckling away only minutes after a colleague dies right in front of them, yes I can honestly say these guys have no concept of "The Cliche" :) Not to mention the fact that a "visit to have a talk" takes all of two pages of conversation before the callee "must be going now"... I can read two pages in just over a minute!

But at the same time, the books are so fun. The whole idea on which the books are based is very intriguing! And the plot never slows, that's for sure. They're definitely a lazy Sunday afternoon read, and, whoops, guess what tomorrow is!

I re-read the first two this week and today, and now I finally get to crack open the third. Ah, what poor "unknown corporal" can we sacrifice next? ;)

They were lucky Roger Zelazny liked the first one; they milked his praise for all it was worth by putting the same quote on all three covers!

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