Road Apples Almanac

Nov 29, 2009

After a couple months of collaboration, I am proud to announce the grand opening of the new webcomic by Don Ahé which I mentioned a few weeks ago.


Road Apples Almanac is a webcomic about three friends who move onto a farm in order to escape a mysterious and complicated past. Most of the work done up to this point is proof-of-concept, as Don chose to dive right in and refine the characters as he goes, rather than nail down and commit to a style. As you can see the art style changes radically even within the first two months, and I can tell you - as an administrator of the comic site ;) - that there is some great work coming down the pipe that's better even than the most recent strips available today!

Don Ahé is an aspiring comic artist from Guelph, Ontario, who is responsible for the Presto the Puffin graphics which made a grasp at Opera-Browser-mascot fame. Since then he's had to put comics on the back burner due to a new baby, and a lack of knowledge on how to successfully put a comic online.

When I volunteered to be his webmaster, he jumped at the chance to produce again, and the rust of many moons without a Sakura Micron nestled in his hand began to fall away. Stay tuned for more great fun and art from this guy :)

Visit the Road Apples Almanac site, and follow Don Ahé on Twitter! Maybe we'll see you on the forums ;)

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