Nov 3, 2009

For a while now I've had a Twitter account. Actually ever since I started down the webcomics path, helping out Don I knew I needed to get myself familiar with the tools required to promote and engage with the fans... as soon as we get some, that is ;)

I still don't know about Twitter. It gets news out fast, and does allow you to feel like you are communicating with celebrities directly, even though the information flow is still one way. Recently I downloaded and installed TweetDeck so I could connect my Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place, saving me the hassle of logging into both separately. It's a pretty useful tool, however I can't help feeling that all this excitement is excitement purely for excitement's sake.

My premonition is that someone out there is going to stop, look down at their coffee-stained keyboard and say to themselves: you know, I thought this was cool only because everyone else was telling me it was cool. What am I doing? Does that make me a cynic? Maybe.

In any case, as long as everyone else is using it, I'll be using it as an avenue to promote both this website and Mr Ahe's webcomic which I should be formally introducing sometime this month. Until then, follow me on Twitter! :P

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