Minor facelift: Knowledgebase released!

Mar 20, 2004

I've been away for a couple days, and out of touch. But I don't think I missed very much. Before I left, I updated the Iguana and Turtle graphics in the sidebar, making them a little bigger than the last pair. They look much better, I think :) Currently I'm at odds with wondering how I can increase the size of the Orca while still making it appear like it's coming out of the menu bar image.

I also found the time to write up the readme.txt file for the Orca Knowledgebase and fix a few last "hangers-on" bugs before submitting it to Hotscripts. I'm really proud of this script, as it probably shows the most improvement, usability-wise over the other updated scripts. Make sure to check it out using the links in the menu. One of the big problems with the previous version was that the layout would break under certain conditions, making for horrible horizontal scrolling a la viewing the Atlantic in cross-section. The layout has been totally updated and rigged up with CSS, available for webmasters to fiddle with to their hearts' content.

Three raccoons have made their home in the old shed out back. Everyone here has been watching them for the past few days. For the longest time it was thought there was only one, and it was just today that all three were spotted together. All the time I tell people I only have dialup at home and then mention that I don't really mind because I like it out here in the country... Well, it's little things like watching a raccoon climb up the corner of the shed in broad daylight that makes you realize what you've been saying for so long is actually true...

See you at work on Monday.

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