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Feb 16, 2009

After over a year in hiatus, is reborn with a new site design! Hope you like it. Can you believe that I'd been using the previous design since 2004?

The goal of this redesign was to touch upon several bleeding edges that aren't well supported yet in all browsers. The rounded corners of the navigation tabs, for instance, don't work in Opera, while the positioned generated-content shadow that follows the bottom border of the header is something that doesn't work in Firefox. Plus the site attempts to load a custom ttf font using @font-face which only works in Opera 10 beta AFAIK.

Not much of anything in the design works in IE, but I'll be making a few hacks here and there so the site is at least useable in IE7. Stay tuned for those.

The biggest change you'll notice in the redesign is the moving of the blog to the home page. There are also several new features in the blog, such as full bbcode support and dynamic previews. On the administration side of things, all posts require approval before appearing on the site and several simple processes, such as approving or deleting comments, use Ajax shorcuts to make management very simple. Also I can now edit any post at any time!

This new blog is not based on the old Orca Blog at all, in case you may have been wondering. I don't have plans to package and release this blog; it's just for my personal use right now.

Another big change is that there is a new section for widgets. Because I was able to use CSS which was a great deal more targetted than before, embedding two new widgets, PlanetWerks and Crazy Maze, was very painless. And all four embedded widgets work in both Opera and Firefox.

Take a browse around the new site and let me know what you think by posting a comment in the blog. Some things might be broken for a while, but I'll be fixing things as fast as I find them.

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