Did Ben Stein get doused at LAX?

Jun 25, 2007

The connection certainly seems credible. On June 23rd, a water pipe burst at a Los Angeles airport baggage claim, causing hundreds of people to get soaked, and further causing a stampede to get out of the terminal. Those who weren't getting wet, but still nearby were probably wondering in horror why all those people are trampling each other to get out.

From the article, one of the witnesses...

described a chaotic scene where people were rushing toward the doors and knocking over the check-in lines.

Sounds absolutely dreadful, right? So what does this have to do with Ben Stein? Well, take a peek at his financial advice article on Yahoo! finance today (June 24th)

From the article, Ben mentions:

I was going to write a humor piece about the horrors of summer business travel, but after a spectacularly terrifying experience last night flying from Chicago to L.A., I decided I'd better put that in the "too awful to be told" category...

Perhaps ol' Ben got a little wet at LAX? Coincedence? Perhaps he was just a witness, or maybe he's talking about something completely different which happened elsewhere on his route from Chicago to LA. But... well, hey, that's one heck of a coincedence.

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