Ringmaker 3.0 RC3 released

May 4, 2007

The Orca Ringmaker 3.0 release candidate 3 was released today. Download it from the Orca Scripts page.

This release will send email to administrators when new sites are added to the ring for approval. A few other fixes were also included.

Because of database changes, it is necessary to uninstall your RC1 and RC2 installations to install this version. There may be more database changes between now and the final release which will probably be in a couple weeks. After that point, automatic upgrade code will be included so you won't have to uninstall again :)

In any case, I wish to thank all the great people who have been testing this script for me and sending me bug reports. Thanks Holger, Mike and everyone else! And sorry about making you go through all this uninstallation hassle! Soon it won't be a worry anymore. Whew.

I am looking forward to more bug reports, and also any suggestions you may have for new features after the final is released!

Ringmaker 3.0-rc1 Released Ringmaker 3.0 final and Search 2.3 released!

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