Global Stylesheet Color Changer

Mar 21, 2007

As I was building CSS themes for the new version of the ringmaker, I found the easiest way to make a bunch of themes very fast was to keep all the CSS rules in the stylesheet the same, but change all the contained hexidecimal color values. After trying a few combinations manually and getting horribly bright or dim colour combinations, I set about making a tool which would allow me to shift the values of the red, green and blue values globally within the whole stylesheet.

So I would take my original grey stylesheet, push the blue up by 20% and red and green down by 10% and get a nicely hued blue theme! Best of all, it only took a second or two to try out each combination!

You can use the tool I built here:
[No longer available]

It also works on just single hexidecimal colour values, so if you're looking for that perfect percentage shift, look no further! :)

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