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Feb 4, 2004

Well, the site's finally getting closer to the way I want it. The scripts are getting updated as we speak, and hopefully I'll have them all updated to new versions and submitted to hotscripts by the end of the month. It really depends on how much work I have to do yet on the Knowledgebase.

Finally moved to the new side of the building at work and got my own cubicle! It's awefully bare right now, so I'll need to think of a few ways I can personalize it... camouflage nets anyone? :)

Other than that work was really boring today. There is another web-coder working here now, but he's mainly translating the website into Chinese. Now he's got his own cubicle and we don't talk to each other anymore. Seems kind of a counter productive setup if you ask me. Whatever happened to a "friendly working environment"?

Nim The Dragonstar Trilogy

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