Cute Christmas

Dec 27, 2006

Another year, another Christmas!

This year, I certainly got what I wanted: Time spent with family and friends :) Three separate Christmas dinners left me stuffed, content and partially inebriated. Ah, good times.

Hrms... what to post about first. Ah yesh, I haven't posted any lizard pictures in a while. As you may know, I picked up a second bearded dragon this year, and after a couple tense weeks of having the separate tanks placed side by side, I couldn't wait any longer and put Spyro and Frackle together.

Here's Spyro!

Being male, Frackle immediately asserted dominance, although Spyro is a different breed and a great deal larger. It sometimes seems like Frackle is a mosquito climbing over a dinosaur!

Fortunately, they started to get along, leading to some pretty crazy hi-jinks. And to everyone who refuses to believe that lizards can be cute in any way, I offer the following evidence to the contrary:

For the first time last year I was invited to the Christmas dinner of my older brother's group of friends. Over the past few years I guess they've sort of become my group of friends as well. Each year they have a gift exchange, where each person selects a giftee a few weeks in advance. Last year I got a bottle of vodka from Jason. This year, unbeknownst to me, my "secret santa" was Don van der Ahé, another member of the group, and I got, surprise surprise, another bottle of vodka. However, included with the bottle was the best Christmas present ever! A Presto the Puffin statue!

Man, I came to this party expecting maybe I'd end up with some kind of alcohol, or some tools, or books, or something easy. Little did I know I'd end up with this amazing treasure! :) Thanks so much, Don!

Finally, at the family gathering I did receive Final Fantasy III for the DS, and I'm already blazing a path with Cid's Airship! This is the only FF game of the series which I have not yet finished (excluding FFX-2 and FFXI). My winning the DS in the Opera contest was an incredible stroke of good fortune, since I would have been "forced" to buy a DS just to play this. I am a sucker for these games! Next, I'll be "forced" to buy a PS3 for FFXIII, but hopefully it will be released after the prices go down!

I sincerely hope your holidays were as fulfilling and enjoyable as mine :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From Grey, Frackle and Spyro.

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