Search 2.2a and Stability

Aug 11, 2006

The Orca Search 2.2a was posted today with just a couple fixes, a small new feature and two new language files. I must say that the stability of this script is reaching an all time high; perhaps it time for me to start work on the next project, which will probably be reworking the Ringmaker into version 3.0.

A lot of quick thoughts for this post:

In other news, I'm an uncle! My sister had a healthy baby girl on July 31, and named her Holly. I went over there last week and installed a new DVD drive and some burning software which helps them make nice DVDs for baby videos with menus and everything. Even I was impressed at what the program could do!

I've been debating lately as to what I should do with this Blog and Forum. They are pretty old scripts and think it's high time to clean house. For the forum, I will probably roll my own simple replacement which won't be meant for distribution. This will allow me to cinch down on a lot of code which had to be inserted into the last version for i18n reasons. I expect this version will be much smaller and faster, designed to do just what I need and nothing more.

As for the Blog, I've been thinking of moving it to my unused area at This will mean the blog will be hosted at a third party site, yesh, but that blog already has a lot of features which this blog lacks; plus right at the moment I have very little desire to go about re-inveting the wheel, especially when it comes to such a widely re-invented technology as blogging systems.

I've also been having an itch to start developing for something, although I don't yet know what; and I think I'm finally ready to start writing again. Things are getting crowded for me, but I still feel like I'm not accomplishing much. I just need to get myself going, start me up, right? I dearly hope so, for my sake :)

I saw World Trade Center and The Ant Bully this week. Nicholas Cage overload! And I didn't even know Bruce Campbell did the voice for Fugax; it almost makes me want to watch it again hoping for a "Groovy!" or two. Both were good movies, but not anything I would recommend you rush out and watch. I still haven't seen the new Pirates movie or Superman, and they're still playing at the local theater so I'll probably go see them next week. There is something about going to a movie, even a bad movie, that makes me want to create, to write, to envision.

Wow this was a long post, but I guess it makes up for the big summer stretch in which I'd vanished for the past while. Ta ta!

Orca Search version 2.1d available Ringmaker 3.0 work begun

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