Widgets Ahoy!

Apr 18, 2006

Recently Opera Software had a widget contest as a promotional tool for The Gathering. It just so happened that earlier in the day, before reading the announcement, I'd been reading up on the <canvas> element and was thinking of a way I could use it. I learn by doing, mostly; it's how I originally started programming in QBasic :)

After reading about the contest, it all came together: I wanted to use <canvas>, and since <canvas> is great for drawing pixels, shapes and fills to the screen (just like QBasic!), I set about reproducing, in widget form, one of my earliest programming creations: a "Tetris" clone called "Mad Russian Blocks".

I didn't get a great deal of sleep while I was building it, but it turned out rather nice :) I changed the name to WidgetTetra (the original title was too corny!) and submitted it to the contest with two days to go. I was so revved up about it, I even had the stamina to build an AJAX crossword puzzle widget before the deadline and submit that too!

A few days of nailbiting passed and it turns out my WidgetTetra entry placed third! Not bad for someone who never wrote a widget of any type before :) Supposedly my prize is a pair of wireless headphones; I really would've liked to win the grand prize (a $6000 computer!), but after taking a look at some of the other very impressive entries I'm surprised I did as well as I did. It was a great effort from everyone!

I've learned a lot from making these entries, so I'm looking forward to the next contest Opera has, hehehe.

Touch my widgets!

You will need the latest weekly of the Opera browser to play with my widgets ;)

Something Changed... Orca Search version 2.1d available

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