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Jan 9, 2006

Lately TarquinWJ of HowToCreate fame has been making a solitaire game entirely in javascript. The game is actually just a set of rules on top of a basic card playing algorithm which could be adapted for any number of games.

Anyway, while he was making this game, he kept whining about lacking a set of card images in 90x130, generally annoying everyone around him who were currently quite comfortable in their bed of apathy, myself included. After a few days though, I finally had enough and decided to shut him up ;)

I made this original set of cards using Photoshop, Gyula Zsigri's Cards font, and various stock images I have archived around here. Although they are not completely symmetrical (flip them 180 degrees and you'll see the card value text move a bit), and despite being obviously based on my own website (heh!), I think they turned out pretty good. Here are a few samples:

You can download the cards as a zip file or browse the directory of images. These cards are public domain.

Update (May 11, 2011): For projects or countries not compatible with a public domain licence, I have also licenced these card images under my BSD licence, which you can find here and in the zip file.

Orca Search 2.1 released! Work's keeping me busy

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