Frackle's First Birthday!

Jan 2, 2006

One year ago, on this day, I brought a little bundle of scales home from the pet store. I did it to throw my hat over the fence so-to-speak; in other words: force myself to do something I've always put off by doing something that requires me to follow through.

In this case it was bringing a lizard home for the New Year. Frackle was probably born a couple weeks before January 2nd, but since today was the day I brought him home, and it's the only official date I know, for all intents and purposes, I am declaring today his birthday. Happy birthday Frackle!

My little guy has come a long way on crickets, silkworms, swiss chard and mealworms. Just look at how much he's grown!

Then & Now

After he "finished" growing, Frackle is a lot less active and eats a lot less, although he's up almost every other morning getting a bask in the lamp-light. He likes to crawl in tiny places to sleep, like in the cracks between cupboards when I'm not looking. :/

My brother has a cat named Bonzo, and Frackle does not like him at all. Bonzo, on the other hand, seems to lose interest in Frackle after a while since he "goes stiff" when the cat is around.

He's got some character, and I've given some thought to getting another lizard, perhaps not the same kind. Perhaps I may have to "throw my hat over the fence" again :)

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