MSLO Acquires Opera Software

Dec 23, 2005

You heard it here, folks... In a stunning development, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. (website - NYSE:MSO) announced today that they had reached a $365 million USD acquisition settlement with Opera Software ASA (website - OSE:OPERA), working out to just over $3.52 USD per share; a 5.6% premium over Friday's closing price of 22.50 Norwegian Kroner or $3.33 USD.

Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner said: "Although the recent rumours of Opera being purchased by such entities as Google and Microsoft were false, it is hard to keep the details of any such transaction completely hidden. In this case the acquisition information was true, but the company doing the acquring was simply the best guess of the rumour-mill. We here are glad the real news is finally out."

Martha Stewart, fresh off her hit NBC series The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, told sources that she sensed it was time to move MSLO in a new direction. "For years, browsing the internet has been about emotionless boxes and uninviting buttons. Our acquisition of Opera Software allows us to shape the browsing experience of millions into one that is uplifting and pleasing to the eye; an experience to be cherished rather than endured. And that's a good thing."

Opera's Chief Technology Officer, HÃ¥kon Wium Lie, was optimistic about the purchase: "Opera has no direction to go but up, and under the meticulous guidance of MSL Omnimedia, we're sure to get there fast. Besides, with all the custom made pine bough runners, cinnamon pomanders and tassled throw cushions they sent us, the office is really looking great these days!"

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