Orca Search 2.0b released

Nov 16, 2005

Yup, new versions are coming fast and furious, it seems. Now that more people are using the script, a few helpful users are reporting more bugs, which are getting squished in short order :)

New in 2.0b are fixes for several spider crashers as well as improvements to the search algorithm. Now it is even possible to match terms against the page URI.

This new version adds a couple new entries to the lang.txt file, so if you are translating, make sure you grab the latest copy. Also, for those who have modified their body.xhtml.php files, there were also a few major modifications here, mostly for the addition of the matched URI text.

Check out the latest Orca Search site-search script and download a copy for your site!

PS. Many thanks go to the webmaster at BuscarBaja.com who is testing this script by upgrading from the 1.x version of the Orca Search. He has contributed many bug reports with patience far and above the call of duty. Thanks! :)

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