Opera is finally free!

Sep 20, 2005

Today the Opera browser became free (as in beer), with the removal of the licencing fee and ad-banner. This is a landmark occasion indeed, as now there is no longer a huge barrier preventing Opera from gaining a significant market share in today's desktop browser wars.

It's been a long-time thorn in Opera's side, that reviewers would immediately discount their desktop browser because it wasn't free like Firefox or Internet Explorer (which technically isn't free). The ad-banner was something fans of Opera would always try to gloss-over when preaching the other great features, most of which aren't available in IE, and only by installing extensions in Firefox.

With this event, Opera truly becomes a player in the browser wars, as anyone can download it without having it crippled or ad-supported. It is hoped that Opera will be given more of a fair shake in reviews from now on because of this :)

Download Opera!

Then get your promotional puffin graphics and spread the word!

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