Summer Photos

Jul 18, 2005

Once again, it's been a long while since my last post :) I guess the lazy summer days are getting to me! Not much has been happening since the Ringmaker release, other than a new version of the search script beta being posted. You can get it from the Orca Scripts page.

With the arrival of hot weather, I've been taking Frackle out of his vivarium more often, and letting him run around in my room and outside. He even went on a boat trip in an empty aquarium :) Here's the latest slew of photos (click for larger shots):

Earlier this spring, some birds made a nest in a hanging basket right outside our front door. Soon there were five little eggs and four of them hatched. My brother took my camera and got this great closeup shot of the baby birds. They are just too cute:

Ringmaker 2.3b released The Ride and other things

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