Ringmaker 2.3b released

Jun 6, 2005

More than just a maintenance release this time :) The Orca Ringmaker has been updated to version 2.3b with a few bug fixes and now a fully templated Control Panel!

Since the birth of the Ringmaker, the Control Panel has always been the most restrictive element when it comes to adjusting the default design to fit a new "skin" or layout. Now, the Panel is built from a basic template so you can freely adjust not only the CSS, but the generated HTML as well!

Also getting an overhaul this version: the readme.txt file. Now updated with "upgrade" instructions and removal of the full changelog, which was getting kind of large :) It was broken down into more easily identifiable sections which should make reading all of its 33kB a little less foreboding!

This update comes on the heels of an upgrade I helped with over at Rethan-Manor.net, the home of the Elder Scrolls Modders Guild. While the ring at Pivotlog.net is the largest, by way of members, the ESMG ring certainly gets more hits! Almost 4000 per week!

The upgrade from a version 2.1 went very smoothly, with most of the time spent by Jon (the webmaster there) in redoing the CSS to match the rest of the site. Congrats Jon, it looks great! ;)

Speaking of The Elder Scrolls, I've been waiting and waiting for the next release in this video game series to be released, but everyone will have to wait until this Christmas it seems. I was so bored I got out my copy of TES III: Morrowind again and started playing it. I must say that it's certainly easier the second time around, once you know what you're doing :D The first time I played it, I can't tell you how long I spent scavenging the crates and sacks all over the cities collecting mere pennies worth to sell to pawn-brokers.

Once you know where the really good stuff is, and go right to it, you can make money in a snap! I've only been playing for 3 evenings and I already have a full suit of glass armour, something it must've taken my first character about 15 or 20 evenings of playtime to get :)

Anyway, sorry for seeming like I've been ignoring everyone. It's been moderately busy at work and I've been under the weather the last week or so. When I get home, all I feel like doing is curling up with a beer and going to bed. :|

I'll be back before you know it, don't worry!

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