Orca Search 2.0 beta released

Apr 28, 2005

So many people have been asking and because it's pretty stable (at least on my server!) I finally let the search script loose. Download it or get the details!

This is actually the second rebuild since version 1.2! I built a new version after I abandoned 1.2 but coded myself into so many dead ends that I decided to start over a second time :) I think it turned out much better the second time around!

You can try it yourself, but since it's beta code, I can't offer full support for it yet. I'm still actively working on this script so any problems you encounter may have already been fixed in a new version. Also, please don't translate any of the files in this script yet. I still haven't rigged it up for translation so it is only available in English, for now.

However, if you do find bugs (and there are bugs), please let me know! I want this to become one of my best scripts ever. And only you can help me "make it so". ;)

A Hitch-Hiking Power Ranger? A Frackle a Day...

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