A Hitch-Hiking Power Ranger?

Apr 19, 2005

Opera 8 Final is out! Hooray! But what's this? The new ad campaign for version 8.0 sports a guy dressed up as a Power Ranger (just look!) and trying to hitch a ride along an empty road...

:blink: :blink:

What the hell were they thinking?!?!? Opera wears cheap hallowe'en costumes? The ol' Opera jalopy is broken down again?


Anyway, rhetorical questions aside, TarquinWJ quickly whipped up some user CSS and I whipped up a couple images to turn this into this! Thereby rescuing your perception of Opera before it gets corrupted by hastily conceived marketing blunders.

The Wrath of The Puffin cannot be stopped! Find out how to ditch the Power Ranger in your own Opera 8.0 at The Puffin Archive!

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