A Christmas to Remember...

Dec 25, 2004

This year I got the best t-shirt gift ever. Many computer old-timers who've been around long enough to remember their Commodore 64 (or equivalent), probably remember a chilling elevator/platform game called Impossible Mission.

Get more info by following the link, but essentially you are a secret agent attempting to infiltrate the evil Dr. Elvin's crazy mansion in order to piece together a puzzle which will help you save the world! Or something like that.

Anyway, you begin the game in an elevator shaft, and are immediately served with Dr. Elvin's immortal words...

This Christmas I opened one gift from my sister and found the best "geek" shirt ever. Here are images of the front; click for larger versions:

And the classic finish on the reverse:

The great thing about this is, my sister actually made it! Yup, with computer printouts, a blank shirt and fabric paint. This is just so awesome :) Thanks, sis!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Scaler Happy New Year of the Lizard

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