Opera 7.6p4: The "Delete private data" dialogue

Dec 6, 2004

In Opera 7.60 Technical Preview 4, a new "Delete private data" dialogue was introduced that hid all of the multitudinous checkboxen behind an Advanced drop-down menu.

I'm all for simplification, but a drop-down menu is clearly the wrong way to go. If you want to change multiple options, you need to open the drop-down, find and select your option... each and every time!

I made a simple Proof of Concept dialogue which fixes this problem by expanding the entire dialogue rather than a drop-down menu.

Trond mentioned in the MyOpera forums that expanding dialogues haven't been implemented yet, so no big deal.

I just wanted an example I (and everyone else) could point at when talking about "expanding dialogues". Hopefully the final design looks something like this! :)

Please forget about Ringmaker 2.1 :( Scaler

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