Please forget about Ringmaker 2.1 :(

Dec 2, 2004

Okay, forget about the Orca Ringmaker v2.1 and v2.1a. Please forget they ever existed! Too little pre-testing went into them before release and their lack of stability was plain.

I compare this to the Netscape 6.x escapade where a new version was released too quickly, before it could be adequately tested. There were a lot of little problems that a little extra test-time would've ironed out if only I'd taken the time :(

So now Ringmaker 2.2 is available. I spent a few *days* testing this one instead of a couple *hours* like last time, and hopefully everything should be much more stable than either of the 2.1 versions. There are also a few new features, which should make upgrading more attractive!

If you installed or upgraded to a 2.1 version, I encourage you to upgrade to 2.2 as soon as possible. You can get the code and see the updated changelog on the Orca Scripts page.

Like Han Solo once said: "Sorry about the mess." :/

Ringmaker 2.1a hits the web Opera 7.6p4: The "Delete private data" dialogue

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