Ringmaker 2.1 released!

Nov 18, 2004

After much ado, the Orca Ringmaker version 2.1 is now available for download from the Orca Scripts page.

Many changes and fixes, the main ones being a complete recoding of the statistics engine and a rewrite of the old instruction manual (readme.txt).

Upgrading your previous versions to 2.1 should be a simple process of copying the old variables from the top of the orm_head.php file into the new file and then just overwriting the old files with the new. The upgrade will be performed the next time your ring is visited through any web browser.

Please use my contact form for bug reports and support, or get in contact with me using the email address found at the bottom of the readme.txt file.


More updates for Ringmaker coming up... Ringmaker 2.1a hits the web

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