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Nov 8, 2004

Well, since the webmaster at decided to update their ring code from 1.x to 2.0d I've been hopping with requested fixes!

My own test ring is ony 6 sites but the Pivot ring is 100+! Because of this, with the webmaster's close assistance, I've made many changes which help with managing truly large rings. Meanwhile I've also thrown in a number of things I've been meaning to add for a while. So far, here's what's been added:

- Improved the Admin account selection dialogue
- Added ability to Randomize and Reorder site ordering
- Textarea stylesheet fixes for Mozilla/FireFox
- Site ID now displayed in Edit/Admin dialogues
- Corresponding Ring Code displayed in Admin dialogue
- Added "Visit this URI" link to Edit/Admin dialogues
- Replaced Site ID on Ring Hub with Statistics link
- Fixed Admin toggle to display properly if translated
- Allow users to input a blank description

While the current and updated version with all these changes is currently running on my site, there are two more things I'd like to implement before releasing the next version (2.1):

i) A new statistics system using a separate MySQL table. Currently stats are stored in the main ring table associated with each ring site. Moving the stats to their own table will allow me to do many more things on the stats page, like hits-per-hour and most-active-fve-minutes!

ii) Completely rewrite the manual. The manual, as it stands is almost a year old and I've been making patchwork changes to it for each release since then. Personally, I consider it a mess so I'll be redoing it for the next release.

This kind of delays the Search script release, of course, but I'm working on it! I promise! :D

Double update for Ringmaker Ringmaker 2.1 released!

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