Double update for Ringmaker

Nov 4, 2004

Well, after a significant update to the Ringmaker, initially bumping it to 2.0c, a number of errors began occurring on the couple of user sites which installed it :(

Seems like I uploaded an old version of the head file in the zip, along with a few logic errors in the site-skipping code. Now that all those things are fixed, it was necessary to let everyone know by pushing the version number again to 2.0d. Hopefully this fixes most (if not all!) the problems people were having. As always, download the script from the Orca Scripts page.

Now, about the Search script, I'm working on the documentation right now and finalizing the language file. As you might know, it's really troubling to have to add things to the language file after release, especially if there are a lot of other language files already given to me. So I want it to be as complete as possible before release.

I can't give a set date for release of this script, and I'd like to test it on a few more sites other than my own before finally making it available. Also note that when it first appears the script will be marked as 2.0 beta and is not meant for mission critical apps. I'm hoping the first round of installs will help me iron out most of the bugs my limited testing environment has seen fit to hide...

Forum, Blog and Knowledgebase get an "a" :) More updates for Ringmaker coming up...

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