Forum, Blog and Knowledgebase get an "a" :)

Oct 29, 2004

The Blog, Forum and Knowledgebase all got a small version push today to 1.3a, 4.3a and 2.1a respectively. Just a maintenance update on these three scripts before the weekend. Find them all here.

On the change list: some HTML fixes and a Win32 issue with dates mostly. The biggest change is that your avatar image (if specified) will now appear on the blog front page as it does on the test Blog and the Webslavent.

RingMaker is going to get a few new features soon too, hopefully by this weekend or next. One is automatic skipping of ring sites which aren't available. Another is a user-requested feature for more security on the Add Site form to prevent bots or scripts from using it to send bogus join requests.

After that shall be the glorious unveiling of the Search script. :) I've been soliciting beta testers to install the script at their site so I have the widest variety of spider food to play with. So far, things are looking really good. As soon as it's as tight as I want it, I'll be posting the official beta release online. Not this weekend, but maybe before next.

Wish me luck!

Nearing Orca Search Apocalypse! Double update for Ringmaker

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