Nearing Orca Search Apocalypse!

Oct 18, 2004

The Search script is almost ready. Because it automatically spiders pages there's still quite a lot of tweaking to do to make sure it only goes where it's supposed to, but thankfully, that part's almost done.

The latest version is, of course, running on this site, but I also did a proof-of-concept install at work and it ran almost perfectly. There's still some trouble when it comes to multi-byte characters and the offline-javascript function, but right now I'm considering that a relatively small thing. The offline javascript function is mostly for my own benefit, and I don't see very many other people ending up using it.

After a week or so of watching the thing run, I'll be adding some final error-recovery code and stripping it out for language file swapping. So no worries! The new automatically indexing search engine is on it's way!

In other news, I've made another couple small changes to the Forum and Blog. If you've been having problems with the dates in your script, (eg. the day of the month not showing up) the reason for this is because prior to now, all my scripts were using a date function not supported by Windows servers! Since I test on a Linux server, I just never came across this one.

If this bug affects you, the fix for it is in the current zip files for each script. Only the language files were changed for this fix, so if you just download the current zip for your script and swap out the language files, everything should fix itself.

Sorry for any trouble this might've caused!

New Opera Puffin Graphics! Forum, Blog and Knowledgebase get an "a" :)

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  • Oct 27, 2004 - 22:46

    # Comment by DarkElf


    So...any approximate ETA on when the search script will be finished?

  • Oct 27, 2004 - 23:34

    # Comment by GreyWyvern


    No promises... but there should be a big release bonanza this weekend for all five scripts.

    Stay tuned.