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Sep 29, 2004

Another round of big changes to the Forum and Blog coming up soon. The main change began as a recode to make future editing easier on me, and along the way a number of things got improvements.

Just going through the list of stuff I wrote down: Fixed the post form and control panel; improved the expand/collapse system; improved word-wrapping and text-to-URI autolinking; fixed a post deletion bug; completely optimized the stylesheet and parsed messages are cached to reduce server load.

Also as of the next version (Forum: 4.3 and Blog: 1.3) PostgreSQL databases are no longer supported. I don't have ready access to a PostgreSQL database to test these scripts on and since I added some self-updating SQL code, I cannot be sure whether it works or not. So for now, only MySQL databases are supported.

Look to see the new versions on the Orca Scripts page for download soon!

Vacation Pictures! New Opera Puffin Graphics!

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