Back from vacation and back at work

Sep 23, 2004

I just came back from a three week vacation in Australia and New Zealand. I had a great time! I went mainly because my brother was getting married down there in Australia but I grabbed the opportunity to visit NZ while I could.

I took so many photos that I needed to buy an extra flash memory card for my camera! I'll post them online when I get the chance. I got some really nice ones, and looking at them is probably better than me boring you with what I did all the time that I was there :)

A couple highlights though: I visited a volcano called White Island off the coast of NZ. Very scary! I also took a tour to the Blue Mountains in Aus and saw the Three Sisters (a famous rock formation). I got plenty of pictures of both :)

Anyway, now I'm back and it's back to scripting! I've already done some work on the forum and blog, streamlining the post form and control panel. These scripts should now look much nicer when using them on their own (ie. not embedded within a website). I also made a few adjustments to the expand/collapse system of both scripts, removing what wasn't working and improving what remained.

I'm still having an intermittent problem with error messages appearing when deleting messages from the blog and forum...mainly the forum. I'll be looking at this more closely in the coming days so expect Forum 4.2a and Blog 1.2a to arrive shortly.

Blog, Forum and Knowledgebase updated Vacation Pictures!

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  • Sep 23, 2004 - 14:27

    # Comment by Josh Cox


    Your scripts are amazingly good looking and wonderfully easy to use. I invite you to check where I have a young lady's blog. I have had trouble with the avatars, what format should they be in? If I post them the resulting page is blank. I'll see if i can comment with an avatar after this post.